In the time capsule of history itself, one finds artifacts left eons untold, sources of wisdom for issues contemporary and ancient.

Katia Luna Benaï and her team of artisans, specialists, and visionary artists bring the contemporary to the treasures of the past, delicately unearthing timeless concepts, ideals, and designs with a modern twist of Fine Art.

Katia Luna Benaï is a London-born Algerian British creative director and the founder of Luna Benaï. Katia spent her earliest years in a traditional Amazigh household of seven women in Algeria. Here she received old and new Amazigh teachings of life and equality that define her character today.

Due to her family’s work, Katia spent her adolescence traveling the world. She was privately educated throughout the Ivory Coast, India, Singapore, Paris, and London, ultimately leading her to pursue postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Arts in London.

Katia’s multidimensional background, ethos, and teachings compel her to always aim for more, leading her to pursue an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience and mental health in the community at Kings College London. Her projects collaborate with organizations that either preserve history, help the arts (e.g., ministries of culture), or tackle community issues.