Luna Benaï comes from the 4000-year-old heritage of the Amazigh women of North Africa, a Berber civilization that survives today and one of the few societies where women have held a leading role in social structures for centuries. From ancient Egyptian history to Greek mythology, the Amazigh have left their mark in this world. Despite countless invasions and attempts to culturally dissolve them, they have survived through peaceful and noble resistance. The Amazigh women are a living embodiment of what it means to raise female leaders without prejudices or societal biases.

Luna Benaï promotes female leadership by reminding the world that there is a better way than the status quo, deriving inspiration from History, Mythology, and Science. Luna Benaï brings awareness and promotes its work through Innovation and Fine Art. Luna Benaï’s artifacts always connect to a story, an idea, or a meaning and are intended primarily for exhibition and private sales. For all the aforementioned and more, Luna Benaï is an active contributor to the curation of World Heritage sites and Art pieces of historical importance, with part of its sales directly pledged to this mission.